About Us

Partnering with NDRC(National Development and Reform Commission of China), INNONATION helps Chinese investors and enterprises freely, directly and efficiently pair up with the technological innovation ecosystem in Israel. It also helps Israeli technological companies find the perfect Chinese partner and introduce the request from Chinese investors and enterprises to Israeli technology and product. Thus, INNONATION is creating a direct channel for innovation investment and cooperation between China and Israel, and facillitates connections to Israeli innovations via database, media/ promote, annual investment summit and Israeli host.


INNODATA collects profiles of Chinese investors and enterprises that are interested in investment and cooperation with Israel, and covers the most innovative Israeli companies.

The Chinese database shows the Israeli technology and products that Chinese investors and enterprises are interested in. Currently there are more than 2000 Chinese investors and enterprises in the database.

It is available for Israeli innovative companies to register in the Israeli database freely, which provides presentation and cooperation opportunities with relevant Chinese investors and enterprises. The registered companies can acquire one-to-one business meetings and perfectly match with Chinese investors and enterprises. Currently there are over 6000 Israeli innovative companies in the database.


INNOMEDIA reports on Israeli innovative companies and innovative cooperation between China and Israel via video, interviews, live broadcasts and articles. It shares the experience of Chinese investments, cooperation and demands with Israel and Israeli companies. INNOMEDIA also provides promoting services for Israeli brands, thus improving your position in the competitive Chinese market, which results in the possibility of direct sale.

Annual Investment Summit

The INNONATION China-Israel Innovation and Investment Summit is the largest annual investment event, held in China or Israel. The first summit was held on January 4-6, 2016 in Beijing. The second summit was held in Tel Aviv, Israel on September 24-26, 2016. Chinese investors, entrepreneurs, government representatives and special invitees joined together for the INNONATION Flying Summit, a unique experience on the INNONATION plane, the very first in China. The third summit will be held in 2017 in China.


INNOTOUR brings delegations of Chinese guests who are curious about Israel, planning to invest Israel, or looking for Israeli business partners. They are eager to join the Israeli innovation ecosystem and are trying to understand the stories behind the “start-up nation”. Local Israeli innovators can take part and host these delegations in their offices.


Join INNONATION to acquire customized services: connection with Chinese investors and business partners, free entry for INNONATION China-Israel Innovation and Investment Summit, priority on B2B business meetings, a chance to host Chinese business delegations, consultation for crowd-funding for products in China, investment opportunities from Chinese enterprises and many more.