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By using videos, articles, interviews, and broadcasting shows, INNONATION brings Israeli technologies and companies to Chinese audience, potential business partners and investors; follows up on going deals between China and Israel, accesses China new medias channels to promote cutting edge technologies from Israel and facilitate the cooperation.

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INNONATION Videos are presenting on below accounts:

INNONATION owns multiple new media accounts and partners with top media and content channels in China, to introduce Israeli companies and entrepreneurs. It has already won the recognition of the most authorized and quality content about Israel innovation and companies. INNONATION has 50k followers and brings millions of views to Israeli videos and articles.

INNONATION Articles introduce Israeli companies, interview Israeli entrepreneurs, dig out the cooperation needs and present the product in Chinese habit. Articles are issued on WeChat, Toutiao and Weibo on daily basis, and chosen/recommended frequently by the most popular media and content channels. The popular articles have over 1m views.

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INNONATION Broadcasting invites Chinese audience to watch online for specific live show.

500k audience watched 1st China-Israel Innovation and Investment Summit, Beijing

200k audience watched 2nd China-Israel Innovation and Investment Summit, Tel Aviv

10k audience watched the conversation salon between Chinese guests and Mr. Yossi Vardi

5k audience watched online when INNONATION explored the technologies which were displayed on GMIC

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