Enabling Innovation Eco Systems

Who We Are

INNONATION is a Proptech company that enables and operates innovation ecosystems through partnerships with governments and real-estate companies.

We are the No. 1 entity in the China-Israel innovation arena. Our cross-border technologies and powerhouses upgrade real estate developments, through leveraging our methodology, brand, network, cross-border experience and products, which creates strong appeal for innovation companies and local governments.

Our operation is strongly backed up by a ecosystem galaxy theory, that all partners are mappable and the cross-border cooperation efficiency increases with right matching.​

INNONATION’s methodology is based on 25-years of experience with INFINITY funds, leading the revolution of venture capital, IP banks, and technology transfers (over 50 IPO/M&A), and succeeding as a breakthrough innovation entity in China.

INNONATION Methodology For Cross-Border Performance

Our Operational Pillars

Innonation's methodology is deeply engrained into the following seven operational pillars:


An ecosystem which brings together individuals, from within both the public and private spheres and across the professional spectrum, to engage in increased cross-border activity.


The summit grants tech companies, partners and investors alike the opportunity to meet, and facilitate increased business potential across international borders.

Smart Match

An AI-powered platform that optimizes partner matching and connects businesses with their most relevant partners.It’s the tech engine of the ecosystem of INNONATION, and open to any players who are interested in innovation.


A smart portal for meeting one-on-one with potential partners and investors, that leads to a 10x increase in cross-border partnership efficiency. Built-in integration with Smart Match platform, that includes invitation, scheduling, and online video calling features.


The landing engine is leveraging 15 years of tech transfer know-how, including local operation team built-up, government relationships, investment support, business management and operation,  and public-private.


Executive level workshops and lectures, utilizing real cross border case studies and insightful columns. Useful for any leader or organization pursuing cross-border business activities.

Media Generator

We bring together cultures, technologies, and innovations through our videos and studios, with connections to the largest media players in China.

Our Partners

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