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Matching Done Right.


Smart Match is the technology engine of INNONATION. The engine provides tech solutions to each operational pillar and accelerates them.


By supplementing this online system with offline activities that leverage INNONATION’s different operational pillars, channels, and Infinity’s vast network and know-how, INNONATION is able to facilitate specially tailored meeting and partnerships. 


Smart Match is also open to all entities and individuals who have cooperation needs and innovation interests by standard and tailormade products and services.



Smart Data Hub

  • Global business databases

  • Search and AI recommendation

  • Database generator

  • Data enrichment

Our subscribers can search hourly updated live data, and get auto adjusted recommendations by inputting matching requests. The data hub is aiming to integrate everyone into the innovation ecosystem, and open the system for people to add content. It helps users to enrich their own data from a domain name to multi data dimensions

Smart Mapping

  • Global market mapping

  • Auto report

  • Auto graphing

  • Cross-border business analysis

The system creates ready and semi tailor made products for companies  and investors to learn about specific industries, and cases in specific countries. Through simple clicking, people can easily get updated cross border analysis graphs, charts, forms and mapping results.


Smart B2B platform

Smart Match is a smart meeting platform that uses data collecting processes to arrange B2B Meetings. It helped reconfigure and ease the process of setting up such meetings, especially in cross border scenarios. The platform is thoroughly integrated with different online video communication and auto translation services. It is flexibly designed to connect people both for large scale meetings or one-on-one meetings.



Smart Industry Park

Integrated into industry park management system, Smart Match is able to build an auto updated park company database and link the database to a visualized and live display. The combined product can conduct global industry chain mapping and analysis, to facilitate talent and technology landing, and to match the right companies to add into the park ecosystem.

Finding the right partner is a critical step in securing cross-border success. INNONATION optimizes this process through its ‘Smart Match’ system - an AI-based platform that allows businesses to match with their most relevant partners - whether they are investors, customers, or strategic partners.


Smart Match establishes the high-dimensional space that measures the similarity, relevance, and vitality of companies. By utilizing machine learning that draws on millions of ongoing business signals, historical data, and human experiences, Smart Match can spot opportunities through real-time information flow.

The platform utilizes AI to map industries and opportunities, report on areas of interest, and determine partner suitability based on given areas of interest, stage of development, company maturity, and more.



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