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Our mission

We believe in driving every society towards a new era of innovation culture.


Our Story

When we started our journey, we wanted to bridge different innovation cultures closer together by jointly establishing innovation platforms. We did it by developing tools, methodology and content for cross border value creation.


With time it became evident to us that such innovation platforms are essential, due to a wave of technology automatization, artificial intelligence and privacy challenges which are limiting human purpose and options. As a result, every society striving for healthy survival should embrace a new set of innovation capabilities.


We are here to partner with people who share our cross-culture, cross- border innovation vision.

Our Principles


Active listening is a must for lasting progress in new territories

No Fear

Failure is your best teacher and part of your ladder to success


Mutual respect is key for cross -

culture communication, finding power and humanity in each culture and system


Everywhere you go -

localizing your product, management and communication is key for integration with the local systems and markets


Take risks by acting with unknown variables - learn by doing


Growth and teamwork are highly correlated with the trust level you build with your cross-border partners and teams

Our Team

Our mission can only be accomplished with the leadership of our team. We believe in empowering our team to create their own mark on society. We move fast, meet challenges and find solutions which makes working here extremely rewarding. There's a lot of work left for us to do, and we couldn't do it without our highly talented partners and the support of our Chairman Amir Gal Or.

​Join us

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