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“China In” Business Models

Choice is based on our algorithm result and expertise

  1. Full ownership of company aiming Sales in China Full

  2. ownership of company aiming R&D and Sales in China

  3. Full ownership for Manufacturing plus China sales

  4. Majority EJV for the above options Minority EJV

  5. Majority JV out of China plus WOFE

  6. Majority JV out of China plus

  7. Minority EJV Minority JV out of China plus WOFE

  8. 50%/50% out of China JV

  9. Mirror JV’s and investment in both countries

  10. Mix ownership on parents level and  R@D JV

  11. Rep office

  12. Distribution model (including logistic)

  13. Agency Model (commission based )

  14. Service model – (fix fee )

  15. Licensing model,  large down payment plus royalties, minority JV

  16. Licensing model plus co ownership on IP option for Minority JV       

  17. Licensing plus local IP combined in Minority JV

  18. Minority investment in foreign side plus licenses to China

  19. Minority investment in China side plus license out

  20. Majority investment in china side

  21. M&A in China side

  22. M&A in stages of China side

  23. M&A in stages foreign side

  24. M&A  of foreign side 

  25. Personal Advisory model – fix fee

  26. Academic cooperation

Examine Accessibility to Resources & Funding

Determine IP & Pricing Reality in New Market

Establish Trust Structure

Appoint Focused China Leader

Localize Decision Making


INNONATION Methodology For “China in” Operation 

Guideline for China in success

Years of experience taught us that fostering strong government relationships, operating locally, and understanding multicultural practices and business customs are integral to cross border success.


Our Fusion methodology , developed over 20+ years of operations under the framework of Infinity and INNONATION  built on the premise that the optimal path to cross-border success is going local by tapping local talent and pursuing strategic relationships with both private and government entities.  The methodology breaks down the process of cross-border pursuits into four critical stages: Mapping, Preparation, Action, and Finalization.

When combined and pursued wisely, these four steps optimize cross-border performance for long-term sustainability.

​Case Study

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