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We have built a comprehensive media company that creates content in the form of videos, articles and live-streaming on 20 different platforms globally. Our media arm aims to break the barriers of cross-culture communication through inspiring, entertaining and meaningful content.

We manage more than 30 influential online channels with a combined influence of over 50 million subscribers ranging from ages 18 to 40. The team consists of 50 people who are experienced in digital media, viral video creation, online account management. Our media content creates content on various topics like innovation, entertainment, product introduction and social issues. 


We work with the world’s leading brands on digital media promotion through our platform, and have been featured on various TV shows, magazines and newspapers. 

Through our exclusive and unique online content offerings, we hope to serve our audience with a tool to understand different cultures better and hence increase the efficiency of cross-border business. At the same time, we constantly strive to bring our partners the best brand value from their investment and make combustion and business easier between different countries and nationalities. 



12.6 millions


26.9 millions

6.7 millions







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Report on CCTV

In the summer of 2018, CCTV4 interviewed the founder of INNONATION, Amir Gal-Or, and Raz, the founder of INNONATION’s media engine- YChina, about these 2 Israelis’ entrepreneurial experiences in China. After being the first to receive the official approval to a foreign entity by China government for running an RMB investment fund in China in 2012, Amir has continued to invest and venture in the field of technological innovation. His son Raz also decided to pursue entrepreneurship by establishing a social media presence known as Ychina with a schoolmate, after graduating from Peking University. Through their different entrepreneurial styles, father and son have worked with the changing times, and brought about innovation in their own ways.

Media Studio

INNONATION has set up high-quality Media Studios studio both in Israel and China to increase access to professional media creation and personnel all across our wide-ranging INNONATION ecosystem of companies. 


The Media Center is available for a variety of media services: 


Video producing:

High quality video production with professional equipment and a green screen.


Media creation services:

IP and Brand consultancy and promotion packages through video, articles or live-streaming. 



Exclusive INNONATION podcast is hosted by our founder Amir Gal-Or and invites cross-border leaders and thought leaders from various industries and academia to share their insights and knowledge. 



Professional photoshoot for people or products. 



Design services for logos, APP design, websites, WeChat API, posters and more.

* Media service languages: Hebrew, English and Chinese

The Innonation Talk Show - Prof. Yang Zhuang

The Innonation Talk Show - Prof. Yang Zhuang