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Why innovation
is important

In 2018, The World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index 4.0 added 2 important pillars into the Index of Innovation Ecosystem: Business dynamism and Innovation Capacity.


Especially in the cross-border cooperation sphere, the challenges exists in how to establish a company in a local environment and speed up its development by training or attracting the right local leaders.

Why Innovation

Cross-border leadership training

A Cross-Border Toolbox for Professionals.

Innonation’s academy translates our proven methodology into a practical toolbox for leaders, decision-makers, and interested people in the field from both the public and private sectors.


Our series of online and offline content covers many aspects of cross-border business communication and innovation models. The hands-on sessions pair case studies with experiential learning and training to equip local leaders with the tools needed to implement practical, sustainable plans for organizational growth.

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