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Tel Aviv Powerhouse Service

Global Data Access

Connect and access INNONATION’s Smart Match Global Database:

  • INNONATION AI- Smart Match platform - the most advanced platform to find your most relevant cross-border partners and connect with them online and offline. Powerhouse Members can have free access to use Smart Match business datahub. Please contact your Powerhouse admin to activate your account.

  • Free Registration to Smart Match B2B system, connect with cross-border partners.

Delegation Service

INNONATION  Powerhouse hosts International Delegations for private events, and show case Israeli Innovation eco-system.

  • Delegation hosting

  • Delegation schedule arrangement or consultation

  • Translation machine and screen

  • Israeli tech companies meeting arrangement

  • Lecture about China and Israel market and corporation

Workshops & Events

Access to INNONATION’s events year-round, including to the ‘China-Israel Investment Summit’ – the largest and most effective cross-border innovation and investment gathering that has generated over  $1 billion in proposed investment to date.

  • INNONATION  Powerhouse supplies infrastructure for all kind of events, seminars, competitions or media productionsincluding projector,  2x 75 inches screens, ceremony venue for 70-80 people and 2 terraces for +200 people

Film & Publicity Production

INNONATION  Powerhouse supplies space and infrastructure for all kind of Film production whether it is for a film, tv series or promotion video.

Company Registration

INNONATION Powerhouse helps Israeli and International companies to register in China, and offers additional services such as Licensing, Distribution and enhance cross-border activities in the Chinese market.


NNONATION Powerhouse Provide shared working room and private office space. People can enjoy quiet working room, at the same time the public space and equipment. 

Private Club

Access our luxurious space to host distinguished delegations, enhance your business experience and close strategic partnerships.

Meeting Rooms

Fully equipped & High-end meeting rooms up to +15 people including a 50 inches screen to optimize your professional experience.

  • Price : From 150ILS /hour to 500 ILS/hour depending the meeting room

Media Studio

Professional studio facilities & access to platform influencing 10,000,000+, with connections to the largest media players in China.

  • Translation machine

  • Equipment arrangement

  • Self-owned global media matrix

  • Online Road Show broadcasting room 

Online B2B Meetings

Participate in our online B2B events where cross-border companies interact with each other and enhance their business activities via our embedded online B2B system.

Startup Competitions

INNONATION POWERHOUSE offers the facilities to organize Startup Competitions for Chinese, Israelis and International organisms.  

  • Translation machine on large screen

  • Consultation

  • Media promotion

Signage Service

INNONATION Powerhouse offers Chinese and other international companies to display their logo in order to enhance their exposure in the local market in Israel.

  • Overseas entity signage display

  • LOGO Wall service

  • Other services related to overseas entity landing

PR & Opening Ceremony 

INNONATION organizes Innovation Centers opening and PR ceremonies to Chinese entities in Israel that wish to enhance their business activities and find relevant partners in the local market in Israel.


Academy & Training 

Powerhouse organizes different workshops to implement our cross-border methodology based on successful records, and professional trainings for cross-border operation.

  • Legal issues in cross-border business

  • Communication and culture barriers

  • How to create a local team in China

  • Map the right partner and develop your business in China

  • The 26 business models in China

Local Business Network

Accelerating your business to local, cross-border and global.


  • Infinity’s 20 years of deep-rooted experience in China and Israel

  • Strong support from the local government in China, Israel and different countries

  • INNONATION  In-house Events and Summit - connect with Participants from all branches of the high-tech industries

  • Global new media platforms and channels

  • Powerhouse members networking party in China and Israel

Local Operation Support

Tel Aviv Powerhouse provides local services for members who set up office here, serve as their local team for daily operation and admin work in Israel.

  • Business meetings hosting

  • Daily operation outsourcing

  • Local team recruitment and consultation


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